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  1. The way my necks are designed they can be devided into three parts: Head, neck and heel.


    My guitars' heads are heavily influenced by Ken Parkers designs and feature a tuning machine layout that ensures straight string pull between them and the bridge.The head is joined to the neck at a 12-13 degree angle with a v-joint. This very traditional joint is a lot of fun to make and its geometry works in a way that it tightens under string tension.


    I make my necks with a spruce core, around a two way truss rod, that is sandwiched between hardwood fretboard and back veneer. This construction is inspired by lute necks. The back veneer comes up to the side of the fretboard, hiding the fret slots.

    The fretboards are compound-radiused and fretted to a 628 mm or 650 mm scale, for The Owl and The Future, respectively, with medium narrow antiallergic fret wire.

    The basses feature a 720 mm scale.

     The Owl Family Heel

    The heel is glued to the back of the neck onto the radius, ensuring a large glueing area. The heel receives three bolts on the face towards the body, which act as the three-point contact pattern that is my neck joint.