Built with Berta.me


    To order an instrument, please get in touch via e-mail here.

    Build time is 3-4 months, please inquire for wait time.

    1/4 of final price non-refundable deposit is required to get a build slot.

    Another 1/4 when the build starts.

    The rest is due upon completion of the instrument.

    All my guitars come in a handmade custom form case.

    Prices include shipping and 19% VAT for orders from inside the EU.

    Prices include shipping and customs fees for orders from outside the EU.

    Base price for Owl models (includes one fixed pickup):

    The Owl 3900 €

    The Owl Bass 3900€

    The Owl The Owl 4600€

    Models with fixed pickup only:

    The Future 4600€

    Ooloi 3300 €

    The Owl Acoustic Archtop 9000€



    7 string: +300€

    Owl guitars: Sliding pickup: +250 €, second pickup: +200 €, pickguard: +150€

    Handmade vibrato bridge (The Owl only): +450 €

    I look forward to hearing from you!