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how to order

My guitars are made to order. If you would like me to build an instrument for you, please get in touch via e-mail. The build time for my instruments is currently three to four months.

A non-refundable deposit of one-fourth of the price is due upon placing your order and secures a build-slot for your custom instrument. Another fourth is due before the finishing process is started. The rest of the balance has to be paid upon the completion of the instrument.

After receiving your instrument, I offer a one-week trial period, in which the instrument can be returned in the received condition, no questions asked. In this case I will refund the full price of the instrument minus the initial one-fourth deposit.

I award a lifetime (that is mine not yours) warranty for my instruments against any defects of workmanship. If there is an issue, I reserve the right to repair or replace any faulty parts in my workshop.